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We aim to build an intellectual and investment platform between the regions of East Asia and Central Europe since 2005.

Our mission is to support new and innovative foreign businesses when expanding their activities in the mentioned regions smoothly and safely.

“Faster eats slower…”

Our main strengths are being innovative and flexible. We ensure a quick-responsive process enabling us to be unique, first and the only – pioneers in understanding the secrets of our assignments.

History of N-Partner

Since 2005, we have played an important role in international teams aiding foreign investors to enter the Central European markets. Our mission has ensured smooth communication and has alleviated cultural differences in the dynamic environment of the Japanese FDIs, where the English is not the main communication language.

In 2006, we successfully grew by temporary staffing services ensuring production stability of our clients, mostly from the automotive and electronic industries of the Czech republic. Our HR Consulting division (NP Outsourcing Czech) has supplied quality labor force, searched for administrative and also management members for the client’s working teams.

2008 brought us a chance to become an important part of the Japanese company team, which performed the so-called MONOZUKURI training on Czech subsidiary’s management directly in the Japanese plant. We have taught the secrets of Japanese quality and production line effectivity.

In 2009, supported by the European Commission and Japan Business Federation (Keidanren), we have invested into Slovak national PR activities targeting the Japanese, Korean, and Chinese travel markets. Being the only specialists in this field, our new investment project – AICO Tours has started cooperation with the oldest travel agency in Japan.

Since 2010, AICO Tours has been the first and only local Slovak tour operator working with the biggest and oldest travel agencies of Japan.

In 2011, our group has opened its services also for the public in B2C and in the field of public relations by establishing Asia Info Center (AIC) NGO, further creating many successful and unique projects.

Since 2013, the official subsidiary of N-Partner in Japan has started its operation in the areas of export and international investment as the first Slovak company in this field. NP now helps new FDIs from Japan to accommodate its businesses and successfully start their production in Europe.

Our Investments


Investment platform

For those who have a GREAT IDEA or a FREE CAPITAL

Time is your most precious asset. In order to boost development of great and creative ideas, we have decided to create an Investment Platform for ”projects towards the future”.

N-Partner Investment Portfolio


Asia Info Centre

· AIC Language school ( Institute for Asian Studies )
· Asia Info Travel ( AICO Tours outbound services for Europeans traveling to East Asia )
· AIC Cultural Centre ( Events related to East Asian culture, KARAOKE & Café, AIC Community meeting point )


AICO Tours

· Outbound services for Europeans traveling to East Asia ( Asia Info Travel )
· Inbound services for Asians traveling to Central and Eastern Europe ( H.I.S. Bratislava tour desk )
· where2europe.com , info portal about Europe for FIT travelers from East Asia



A series of functional drinks which “MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER”
· 100% natural, sold worldwide – Alcohol KILLER, Body Fat KILLER, Bad Sex KILLER, and other
· N-Partner Japan is an exclusive importer for Japan


N-Partner Japan

· Export – Import ( international trade between Central Europe & Japan – KILLER Drinks JAPAN )
· Consulting services ( helping European and Asian companies to break through oversees )
· IT Soultions ( Innovative applications, back – end systems, customized software … )




· travel information portal for Asian individual travelers visiting Europe
· just plan&go, smartphone application for your easy move on your travels – FREE download
· many spots of interest, recommended places to visit.


Balbies JAPAN


· a mobile phone application available worldwide on the App Store and Google Play
· a social network that matches and connects teachers and students
· supports active but easy language learning

Meet the N-Partner team


Marian JAKUBIS, MEng.

CEO, Owner

In our field, it is very important not to slow down, and to look ahead even if the others are running far behind.  



CEO Japan, Shareholder

I can see the bussines from a local perspective. Here in Japan, doing things together is a natural part of every-day life.



Project Manager at AICO Tours

I’ve always loved to travel and speak foreign languages. With N-Partner I can do what I love :).



Project Manager at Asia Info Centre

Seeing our students challenging themselves to Asian languages with such enthusiasm makes me wonder if “tough” is the right word to use when they enjoy it so much! 😉  



Representative for KILLER Drinks Japan

I trust our products, I trust the power of the Japanese market, and I believe in N-Partner and its KILLER Drinks!

What the partners say


His Excellency, Mr. Drahomir STOS –  former Ambassador 
Embassy of the Slovak Republic, Tokyo, Japan

In the name of the development of international cooperation between Slovak Republic and Japan on the private business level,I recommend to positively consider and support the activities related to Marian Jakubis on behalf of N-Partner s.r.o.


His Excellency, Mr. Eiichi ISHIKAWA –  Honorary consul
Honorary Consulate of the Slovak Republic in Japan, Utsunomiya, Japan

Here comes the comment from Mr. ISHIKAWA Eiichi…


Mr. Akihiro DOTE –  Project Manager
OKI Denki, Japan

Here comes the comment from Mr. Dote


Mr. Robert  FRANK –  CEO
KYB Manufacturing Czech

Here comes the comment from Mr. Frank

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N-Partner EUROPE

N-Partner Group, s.r.o.

Laurínska 2,
811 01 Bratislava 1,
Slovakia EU

HOTLINE: +421 948 245 601
email: info@n-partner.net

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  • Trading name :                          N-Partner Group s.r.o.
  • Co. registered address :            Homolova 8, 841 02, Bratislava, Slovakia-EU
  • ICO (reg. no#) :                         44 47 85 00
  • DIC (tax reg. no#) :                    2022746539
  • IC DPH (VAT reg. no#) :             SK2022746539
  • Bank name :                            Ceskoslovenska obchodna banka, a.s
  • Account no# :                           4007264525 / 7500 EUR
  • IBAN (int. trans.) :                      SK65 7500 0000 0040 0726 4525

Trade register of Slovak republic

N-Partner JAPAN

N-Partner Japan KK

Osakafu Suitashi Satakedai
〒565-0855 JAPAN

Tel: +81 90 9956 3506 / Fax: +81 6 7503 9183
email: info@n-partner.net

Invoice details

  • Trading name : N-Partner Japan LTD.
  • Co. registered address : Osaka Suita Satakedai 1-5-10-1103 〒565-0855 JAPAN
  • Reg. no# : 12020018
  • Bank name : Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
  • Account no# : 1188639/ JPY
  • Branch no# : 189 Minamisenri Branch
  • Bank Code# : 0009

Trade register of Japan